Seedy CDs is dedicated to experimental music that champions fun and ideas (not necessarily musical) rather than simply exhausting the listener. The CDs are CDRs - so perhaps we should be called “Seedier CDRs”, the covers and labels all lovingly made in cottage industry style. Seedy CDs was set up by Jan Voss and Malcolm Green at the beginning of this millenium, not least after the chance discovery of a major composition by Jan Voss on Malcolm’s ansafon. The rest could be history, and perhaps already is. Except new works are constantly in the pipeline, and as members of the Dieter Roth Academy both Jan and Malcolm are keen to expand the production to include more by Dieter Roth and his colleagues. Keep a look-out on these pages. In particular we are proud to present our first and to date only video, Dieter Roth’s last ever reading (“Die letzte Lesung”), on the subsidiary label “Sieh Dies”.

Prices: all € 18.50 except for the “Blah-Blah Museum, which costs €25,
and the Dieter Roth video at € 36

All CDs and videos can be ordered directly from Boekie-Woekie, Amsterdam:

For  additional information, contact

Also worth investigating for Dieter Roth fans is the Dieter Roth Academy website The site already contains some 800 pages of primary and secondary texts on or by Dieter Roth, plus well over 120 useful links and a news page. And if any one wishes to adds comments, a forum is linked.

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