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Jan Voss
My First Handy
The Ur-Seedy-CDs CD, featuring Jan Voss who phoned Malcolm Green from the Frankfurt Book Fair and spoke on his ansafon, and then forgot to turn his device off. An ethnographic journey into the man’s pocket as he walks about the bookfair. Complete with insightful notes on the history of Jan Voss and his relationship to mobile phones.

Approx 12 minutes long. Big in Japan.

Malcolm Green
Mons Amoris, The Magnetic Mountain
A great seething mountain of ever-spiralling guitar riffs performed in real time and caught on magnetic tape. In three versions: “Mons Amoris” (Play loud); “Mons Repos” (Play very loud), and “Hoots Mon” (Play when unwanted visitors won’t go).
“Like the chance encounter between a guitar and a sampling machine on a cutting table” - Mal d‘Or.
Complete with full-colour cover and psychedelic CD label designed by Red Sphinx.
Total playing time approx 60 minutes,

The Dieter Roth Academy
The Blah-Blah Museum
2 CDs with what was recorded of the 4th annual conference of the members of the Dieter Roth Academy on June 6th, 2004 at St.Petri, Lübeck, Germany. attended by H.van Egten,  I.Navarro Garcia, M.Green, D.Helms, B.Keusch, A.Noel, R.&A.Pretzell, M.P.Schäfer, D.Steiger as part of Six Hands, E.Streit, A.Tippel,  E.v.d.Werve, J.Voss, E.Williams, A.Amazeen, B.G. Bragason, E.Einarsson, G.Helgason, G.M. Pétursson, M.R. Jánsson, O.Roth, P.Banine,  P. Kristja¡ns- son, R. Thorkelsdottir, S.Sigurdardottir,  Erling T.V. Klingenberg, T.S.Bergsteinsdottir, et al.
The sample captures the beginning of a fascinating exchange about Dieter Roth and morality, featuring Emmett Williams. Comes with photo material on the second CD.

Malcolm Green
Electric Landlady
CD featuring variations of a work of silence by John Cage for whom M.G. once worked as one of 52 tape recorder operators more than 30 years ago. The piece is based round  sound samples of an Epson 90 dot-matrix printer printing out the score of said silent piece. Includes a great eight minute disco version of Cage’s masterpiece.
Not to mention the pretty cover!

 Total time approx. 60 minutese

Malcolm Green
 “Music to wash brains by”, or three pieces dedicated to the anihilation of the conditional mind. “VTK”, based on a Taiwanese website selling sound chips; “That Noisy Sherpherd’s Bike” bringing together earliest Pink Floyd, Anthony Newley, and the Buzzcocks ventures into auditory psychology; plus a long, hypnotic homage to minimalist pianistics.
“Super CD” - Dirk Meinzer

tal time aprrox. 52 minutes


 Malcolm Green
Leise Variations
“The deconstruction of the musical box” (Andrew Deutsch) based on Beethoven’s “Für Elise”, plus excursions into the worlds of musical coathangers and nasty electronic spinning tops. Early works by the artist, not for the faint-hearted.

Playing time approx. 45 minutes

Dieter Roth
Die Letzte Lesung
VHS video tape of the reading of his texts D.R.  gave in Heidelberg on 6.12.96, with a brief text by M.Green. This was Dieter’s last ever public reading, performed in an ebullient state winged by gin and tonic.

Playing time ca. 48 minutes

Malcolm Green
La vie en Clacton
CD featuring DAT explorations into then bingo halls and amusement arcades of Queen Victoria’s favourite seaside resort, albeit many decades later), capturing the wild pulse of muzak concrète at the very source. The cover captures the pastoral beauty of the town’s promenade and vicinity, the lable the finesse of its brickwork.

Playing time approx. 35 minutess

Jón Gunnar Árnason - Rúna Thorkelsdóttir - Óli Thór (2005)
Lóan er komin (The Golden Plover is Coming)
A milestone in pre-Björk Icelandic neo-folk, discovered in the vaults in 2004. This recreation of three tender youngsters singing one of Iceland’s most celebrated folksongs over and over and again  in the midsts of the night brought tears to Jan Voss’s eyes. The youngsters were drunk, and so were the directors of Seedy CDs when they accepted the offer of this recording. With jacket design by Helgi Thorsson.

Reavailable at long last, Dieter Roth’s live piano performance at the Stuttgart Broadcasting Studio from 1976. This 45 minute performance is virtuoso extraganza - not only of Roth’s own improvised music, but of his jokes, moans, belches, breathing, a creaking chair - and not least of knocking back cans of beer and most of a bottle of Teacher’s scotch! Forty-five minutes of showing off and killing time in a way only Dieter Roth could have done. The CD comes in an A5 booklet complete with all of Roth’s texts in both English and German on this glorious event, a complete discography of the artist, and other documents. A must for all fans of Dieter Roth, for all his enemies, for anyone who thinks Broken Music is dull or austere. Order through Price €30